Durch regelmäßiges Einbürsten eines Fluoridgelees einmal wöchentlich kann man das Kariesrisiko um 30 bis 60 Prozent reduzieren.

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The CEREC 3D system

In our office we use the highly modern CEREC 3D system in many cases of restorative dentistry. This is a computer-based construction and production system for single-tooth restaurations made out of ceramic.

By means of a computer, we produce ceramic fillings (ceramic inlays), ceramic crowns (partial or full) as well as ceramic veneers in just one treatment session.

By using the most modern 3D computer programs, it is possible to provide a restauration that presents an optimal esthetic alternative to conventional filling materials, considering durability, accuracy and cost/performance ratio.

And this is how a CEREC 3D treatment works

  1. First of all, we remove former fillings and parts of the tooth which are affected by caries.
  2. Then we dredge a special powder on the tooth in order to prepare it for the next step.
  3. After that we take a picture of the tooth with a small, special intraoral camera. The CEREC-3D system is now able to calculate the threedimensional shape of the restoration to be manufactured (filling, inlay, crown, veneer etc.).
  4. Using the CAD/CAM -Technology the system grinds, out of a small ceramic block, a restoration that fits exactly.
  5. After the grinding procedure (this takes not more than 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of the filling!), we insert the new ceramic restoration into the cavity. It is bonded to the tooth with a spezial composite (resin) , which builds a razor-thin layer and is hardened by a special light.
  6. With polishing the surface, your tooth is "restored" and you can use it at once. Smooth tooth surfaces give you a pleasant feeling.
  7. Since the filling is perfectly bonded into the tooth, you can rely on it for an extremely long time and the great hardness of the ceramics resist the chewing pressure of the opposite tooth.

Your advantages

  • We only have to take away the decayed parts of the tooth so your healthy tooth substance is prevented from damage.
  • Since we use industrially manufactured high-precision ceramics, the treatment of your teeth is absolutely metal-free.
  • Ceramics is a highly biocompatible material.
  • Your restoration looks perfectly "tooth colored".
  • There is no conventional impression. A special 3D mouth camera "photographs" and measures your tooth. Using CEREC 3D, we do not have to bother you with a dental impression.
  • The whole treatment only lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.
  • You do not have to chew with a temporary inlay for days.
  • You do not have to wait until the dental lab manufactures your ceramic prosthesis (7-14 days).
  • Just one single appointment: We produce the ceramic restoration directly in our office and put it into your tooth at the same day. You save precious time and a second visit in our office.